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Mfg of Synergic MIG & TIG Welding machines ( Manual & Robotic)

Welding professionals can now be at the cutting edge with the new “SXT”. Lorch has not wasted any time demonstrating its superiority once again with its presentation of the new S series, the premium class in MIGMAG pulse welding. The arc of the new “S-XT” is extra robust, extra variable and perfectly adapted to make life easier for welders.

The Masters of Speed
Speed signifies more than just speed. Speeding up the welding process is only possible, if the penetration and weld integrity are assured and the whole process is extremely simple to use for everyone. Only when this is the case can you step ahead and enter the next level of productivity: leanwelding process without time-consuming preparation work and lots of post weld reworking tasks. Thousands of hours of hard work are worth it: Lorch made welding fast. Our MIG-MAG process innovations help to sustain reduction of your manufacturing costs. They clearly increase your welding speeds, simplify the process considerably and enable higher productivity, which has not been possible until now.